Monday, February 1, 2010

Chinese New Year & Valentine's Day Cupcakes!

The year 2010 is indeed a special one because 2 wonderful celebrations fall on the same day! That's right February 14 2010 is Valentine's Day as well as Chinese New Year!

Kitty Bakes kicks things off with cupcakes... Specially designed for this double celebration!
Chinese New Year 2010 is also the Year of the Tiger. And here at Kitty Bakes, we've come up with a cute 'tiger' couple to bring the prosperous roar into your new year...

Chinese New Year Package A - 3 cupcakes for RM20 only!

For something a lil more luxurious (or if 3 cupcakes just aren't enough for you and your family), Kitty Bakes also offers another alternative....

Chinese New Year Package B - 9 cupcakes for RM55

And finally, for the celebration of Love... Kitty Bakes presents to you.. Valentine's Day Pacakage for 2010!
Valentine's Day Package - 3 cupcakes for RM20 only!

Cupcake Size: Large (3.25oz)
Flavours Available: Luxurious Butter, Zesty Orange or Sinfully Chocolate
Available until 13 Feb 2010 (last delivery on the morning of Feb 13)