Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Customized Birthday Cupcakes Galore!

Apologies for not updating this space for some time, it's much more convenient to upload photos on my Facebook page! So do hop over to Kitty Bakes Facebook page for newer photos and "like" us! :)

So now onto the photos! These were some of the customized birthday cupcake sets I've worked on the past few months, each customized to the recipient :)

 Birthday cupcake set for a client's doctor & friend :)

Pucca themed cupcakes! :)

A lovey dovey cupcake set... using one of my favourite colour combos..

Doraemon themed cupcakes! Ang ang ang~

Snooker themed cupcake set~

This was another birthday cupcake set that I really enjoyed working on. Depicting the couple's career, and hopes for wealth, health and a happy home :)

Teacher owl...

Was told that the recipient loved the colour purple and was asked to design something sweet and simple :)

Angry Birds cupcakes!!! These are really very very popular now and this was the very first Angry Birds cupcake sets that I got to do! Fun!

Client wanted a pair of owls, rabbits, guinea pigs and stars... :)

And finally... a bear family cupcake set with bees & ladybirds :)

Thanks for dropping by! until next time....