Sunday, May 9, 2010

Much Ado About Orchids...

Mention Orchids and they immediately bring up two rather disticnt memories...

The first being that commercial... remember that one? Where a father was trying to teach his daughter to say the word 'flower' by pointing to a pot of orchids. The lil girl replies... "orchid la" :P
Another would be 'Orked' (in BM) - lead character in the late Yasmin Ahmad's much acclaimed movies like Sepet, Muhksin and Muallaf.

But I digress... when I first started out in the world of cake decorating, I never thought that I would be making orchids out of gum paste! Gum paste flowers have always intimidated me, even more so with botanically correct flowers!

So it was indeed an eye opening experience when I attended a gum paste orchids class recently. We did 4 different types of orchids - Cymbidium, Cattleya, Spider orchid and Vanda. The instructor's eye for detail is amazing and I definitely learnt a thing or two about orchids!

Can't wait to start making more orchids and putting them on a cake! They would be perfect on a wedding cake don't you think? :)