Thursday, August 5, 2010

Penang Cupcakes - New Birthday Cupcake Designs!

Recently, Kitty Bakes had the opportunity to do some very contrasting cupcake designs!

First, we did a sweet and simple set that says girlie and elegant...

The client had wanted something in pastel pink and purple...

This floral cupcake design would work well for a wedding too, don't you think?

Cupcake packaging - our standard packaging comes complete with matching ribbon and candle!

From sweet and simple, we went to cheeky and cute!
The next client had requested for Crayon Shin Chan themed cupcakes, and boy was I excited to do it!!

Crayon Shin Chan and his family members...

This is Shin Chan's signature pose apparently - 'pi ku wai sing ren' :P

I'm definitely looking forward to doing more of these personalized birthday cupcake designs! :)

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