Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Adult Birthday Cupcakes!

In the midst of making puppy dogs, bumble bees and lady birds last week for the Penang Animal Sanctuary Society Food Fair, an order for birthday cupcakes came in which I couldn't refuse. It was actually meant for 3 colleagues (2 guys and a girl) and since the client wanted 16 cupcakes, I suggested that we decorate the cupcakes with each of the birthday guy/girl's favourite things.

Was really excited when I received the list of items to make for each birthday guy/girl!

Items included a pallete & paint brush, dollar signs, FIFA world cup, race car, lipstick imprint and a bikini girl!

Mini birthday cake cupcake

Bikini Girl Cupcake
Was also requested to make the cupcakes low sweet. And was very happy to receive feedback that the client and her colleagues thorougly enjoyed the cupcakes! :)

Want something special for your next speical occassion? Then look no further than Penang's Kitty Bakes to get customized and personalized cakes and cupcakes!

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